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Oct 25 2021
Protecting the Colorado River with System Conservation
Sep 27 2021
Cities Helping Farmers Impacted by Shortage
Aug 16 2021
Colorado River Reductions Confirmed for 2022
Aug 09 2021
Tier 1 Shortage: What Does it Mean for us Here in Arizona?
Apr 19 2021
A Colorado River Shortage is not a Surprise
Aug 17 2020
Study Gauges Health of the Colorado River System
Apr 20 2020
Study Projects Colorado River System Levels for Next two Years
Aug 19 2019
Lake Mead Better than Last Year - What Does that Really Mean?
Jul 22 2019
Lake Mead Conditions Improve but Shortage Preparation is a Long-term Commitment
Apr 22 2019
Drought and Shortage: What Is the Difference?
Apr 08 2019
The Little-Known Report with Potentially Big Consequences
Mar 25 2019
DCP Is Done and the Snowpack’s Great, but We Continue To Prepare
Mar 04 2019
What Impact Does Precipitation Have On Our Drought and Water Supplies?
Jan 14 2019
DCP: The Time Is Now
Nov 05 2018
Drought plan must preserve Arizona’s long-term water management
Aug 27 2018
Saving the Colorado River: Everyone Faces A Sacrifice
Jul 02 2018
Colorado River: Can Arizona Act to Protect Vital Water Source?
May 07 2018
Disappointing Session: Action Not Words Are Needed To Solve Arizona Water Issues
Apr 09 2018
Is Arizona Doing Everything It Can to Avoid Shortage on the Colorado River?
Feb 12 2018
Lessons from Cape Town: Avoiding Arizona’s Day Zero
May 22 2017
Five Things You Need To Know Right Now About Drought
May 08 2017
So, Exactly How Much Water Are We Talking About?
Jan 30 2017
Drought: Five Things You Need To Know About This Rainy Winter
Dec 12 2016
Lawmakers Get Answer To Arizona’s Biggest Water Question
Dec 05 2016
Water: A Conversation With Chandler Councilmember Rick Heumann
Oct 10 2016
This Year's Least Known Election Is One Of The Most Important
Sep 05 2016
Defying Mother Nature: Creative Solutions To Avoid Shortages
Jul 25 2016
Water Bank: Arizona’s Emergency Savings Account
May 23 2016
Protect Lake Mead Now To Avoid Future Water Crisis
May 18 2015
Study: Western Cities Know How To Save And Reuse Water
Mar 16 2015
Cities Store Water To Keep Taps Flowing Come (No) Rain or Shine
Dec 15 2014
Quaggas Muscle Their Way Into Your City’s Water Delivery System
Jun 23 2014
Water Shortages: The Big Picture
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