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Apr 04 2023
The keys to a water-wise yard: Maintain your irrigation system and water deeply no more than twice a week
Mar 21 2023
Finding and Fixing Leaks: A Simple but Important Water-Saving Task
Nov 01 2022
As temperatures drop, so should your outdoor watering
Aug 30 2022
Simple ways to become more water-wise
Jul 26 2022
Steps to increase water efficiency and make your home water smart
May 31 2021
How to be Efficient and Effective with Your Outdoor Watering
Mar 15 2021
Eliminating Leaks Today, Ensures Water for Tomorrow
Jan 25 2021
Only Rain in the Storm Drain
Jul 20 2020
Smart Irrigation Brings Multiple Benefits
May 18 2020
The Link Between How and Where We Use Water
Mar 16 2020
Fix a Leak This Week and Every Week
Sep 09 2019
Water Main Breaks: Planning for the Unexpected
Aug 26 2019
How Does Your Water Use Stack Up?
Jun 24 2019
Is Your Yard Monsoon Ready?
Jun 10 2019
Be Waterwise With Your Pool This Summer
Mar 18 2019
Fix A Leak Week: Save Water and Money
Mar 19 2018
Fix A Leak Week: Time To Save Water And Money
Oct 16 2017
Arizona Pilot Project Could Help Find More “Lost” Water
Jul 17 2017
On The Job: Phoenix Team Protects Miles Of Water Lines
Apr 24 2017
City Water Departments Answer Five Common Questions
Apr 17 2017
On The Job: Skill, Hard Work Ensures Water Gets To Your Home
Mar 20 2017
Fix A Leak Week: Time To Hunt Down Leaks That Are Draining Your Budget
Jan 30 2017
Drought: Five Things You Need To Know About This Rainy Winter
Nov 07 2016
Desert Landscaping: Ten Tips For Winter Watering
Oct 03 2016
Tempe Offers Residents And Businesses Online Access To Water
Sep 12 2016
Try Living A Day Without Water
Aug 29 2016
Scottsdale Offers Arizona's First Pool Removal Rebate
Aug 22 2016
Peak Demand Dictates How Cities Build Water Infrastructure
Aug 08 2016
Monsoon Season: 5 Common Landscape Mistakes
May 09 2016
AZ Water Association: The People Who Bring You Water
Nov 23 2015
Sewer Fees: Helping To Recycle A Valuable Resource
Nov 09 2015
Drinking Water: You Have Better Things To Worry About
Aug 31 2015
You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure
Aug 24 2015
Water Bill Too High? Cities Offer Free Water Audits
Jul 20 2015
Gilbert: Irrigation Experts Save Millions Of Gallons Of Water
May 11 2015
How To Save Water With 416 Acres Of Grass
Apr 06 2015
Aim Low: Make Tiered Water Rates Work For You
Feb 23 2015
Leaks Drain Water Supply And Household Budgets
Jan 26 2015
Goodyear: Fixing A Leak Means Free Baseball Tickets
Nov 24 2014
The Phoenix Zoo Shows You How To Save Water And Money
Nov 17 2014
Smartscape: You Could Have A Better Landscaper
Nov 03 2014
HOAs Lower Water Bills, Maintain Landscapes And Create Harmony
Sep 29 2014
This Smart Pig Can Help You Find Leaks And Save Money
Sep 15 2014
Keep That Lovely Yard And Save Water
Sep 08 2014
Mystery Of Lost Water Wastes Precious Resource And Money
Jun 16 2014
Mrs. Kelly Gets New Toilets, But Flushing Problems Persist
Apr 27 2014
Big Leaks Require Big Damage
Mar 17 2014
A Running Toilet: Is This The Best We Can Do?
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