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May 16 2023
Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure is critical to the reliability of water systems
May 17 2022
Investing in infrastructure is a continual priority to ensure reliable and resilient water systems
Mar 29 2022
Goodyear expands water portfolio with new surface water treatment facility
Nov 01 2021
Scottsdale Water Celebrates 50th Anniversary with the Dedication of Groundwater Treatment Facility
Sep 14 2020
Healthy Infrastructure Makes our Communities Stronger
May 18 2020
The Link Between How and Where We Use Water
Nov 18 2019
Expanding the Beneficial Reuse of Recycled Water
Nov 11 2019
SROG – Wastewater Collaboration Through a Unique Partnership
Jun 03 2019
Preventing Forest Fires Protects Our Water
May 13 2019
Infrastructure: Building Beyond Tomorrow
Dec 17 2018
Purified Recycled Water: City of Scottsdale Innovation Turns 20
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