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May 02 2023
The importance of investing in conservation
Mar 21 2023
Finding and Fixing Leaks: A Simple but Important Water-Saving Task
Feb 21 2023
Free Conservation Classes, Rebates, and Resources to Save Water and Money
Feb 14 2023
Arizona is third in the nation for statewide conservation policies
Dec 13 2022
The impact of Arizona’s long conservation history
Oct 18 2022
Expanding Conservation Through WaterSmart Innovations
Oct 04 2022
Education Guide to Inform Voters and Raise Awareness on the CAP Board Election
Sep 20 2022
Rethink your winter lawn and skip overseeding to save water, money, and time
Aug 30 2022
Simple ways to become more water-wise
Jun 21 2022
Drastic reductions are needed to protect the Colorado River
Jun 14 2022
Why water conservation matters in our communities
May 10 2022
The latest key takeaways on the evolving Colorado River situation
Apr 05 2022
Being water aware helps us thrive in the desert
Feb 15 2022
Create your own beautiful, sustainable, and water-efficient landscape by utilizing free classes and resources
Feb 01 2022
Water conservation ethic more effective than short-term restrictions
Oct 25 2021
Protecting the Colorado River with System Conservation
Oct 11 2021
Advancing Water Conservation Through Collaboration and Innovation
Oct 04 2021
The Phoenix Water Wrangler Institute Program is Recruiting Conservation Volunteers
May 31 2021
How to be Efficient and Effective with Your Outdoor Watering
Apr 12 2021
Raising Water Awareness
Mar 15 2021
Eliminating Leaks Today, Ensures Water for Tomorrow
Dec 28 2020
Recapping the Year in Water
Dec 21 2020
Be Water Smart This Holiday Season
Aug 03 2020
Water Conservation Staffs Adapt Programs for Safety and Convenience
Nov 26 2018
New Arizona Prize: Mesa (And You) Win The Water Public Art Challenge
Nov 12 2018
Free Program: Technology Helps Gilbert Commercial Properties Save Water, Money
Oct 01 2018
2018's Least Known Election Is One of The Most Important
Sep 03 2018
Milestone for Arizona: 50th Anniversary of Colorado River Basin Project Act
Jan 08 2018
2017: AMWUA Cities Worked To Assure Water Supplies
Dec 18 2017
Arizona Aquifers: Protecting The Water Beneath Our Feet
Dec 11 2017
10 Tips For A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Landscape
Dec 04 2017
What Is Arizona Doing To Deal With Drought?
Nov 27 2017
On The Job: One Designer, A Sewer Girl And The Clog Save Water And Money
Nov 13 2017
Thank You: Avoiding Shortage in Arizona Is A Team Effort
Nov 06 2017
Conservation Pros Sharpen Skills To Help Businesses
Oct 30 2017
Words Count When Talking About Advances In Water Technology
Oct 23 2017
Desert City Helped To Launch Green Building Movement
Oct 16 2017
Arizona Pilot Project Could Help Find More “Lost” Water
Sep 18 2017 Bigger, Brighter, Bolder And A Little Smarter
Sep 11 2017
AZ To Permit Purified Wastewater As Drinking Water Source
Sep 04 2017
For A Better Looking Summer Lawn, Plant Winter Grass Correctly
Aug 28 2017
Drab to Fab: Watch And Learn From This Backyard Makeover
Aug 21 2017
Want A Lovelier Landscape? Master Your Irrigation
Aug 14 2017
Why Are We Still Using Flood Irrigation In The Desert?
Aug 07 2017
Dirty Secrets: Backyard Composting Among Cities’ Free Landscape Classes
Jul 31 2017
Pure Brew: Campaign Promotes Future Source Of Drinking Water
Jul 24 2017
5 Trees To Shade Your Desert
Jul 03 2017
Inside Job: Water Efficiency A Fixture In City Buildings
Oct 10 2016
This Year's Least Known Election Is One Of The Most Important
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