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Securing our water future through Advanced Water Purification

BY: AMWUA StaffPublished: Jul 16, 2024

Mother Nature has always recycled water, as all water on our planet has been used and reused since the beginning of time. Advanced Water Purification technology can speed up the same process for recycling water to provide us with a safe drinking, drought-proof water supply of higher quality than what occurs naturally. It is efficient and cost-effective on a large scale and would immediately boost ...


Jul 08 2024

Wildfires can impact our water

Higher temperatures in our dry climate naturally increase the chances of wildfires in our state, which is currently evident as a number of fires burn around our state. That is why this time of year, it is important to remember that we need to use extreme caution because we all play a part in preventing wildfires and limiting the damage protects the diverse landscape across our state and the waters...


Jul 02 2024

Celebrating 55 Years of Collaboration

With an understanding of the water challenges that life in the desert can bring, mayors from Valley cities gathered to discuss water issues 55 years ago. It was then that they formed a unique and innovative partnership. Over time it would become a collaboration of ten cities working for the common purpose of protecting water resources in the Valley....

BY: Warren Tenney

Jun 25 2024

Legislature focused on a flurry of water bills that largely ignored long-term water security

Arizona lawmakers introduced a record-number 95 bills on water in the recently adjourned 2024 legislative session, most of which focused on either undermining the consumer protections offered by the Assured Water Supply Program or undercutting the state's ability to manage groundwater in rural areas. Although these measures took up a considerable amount of lawmakers' time, very few passed out of t...


Jun 18 2024

Take a pledge to commit to water-wise habits that benefit your community

With the understanding that water is a precious resource and recognizing that every drop counts, conserving water ensures a sustainable future for all residents and generations. This is why last month, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego announced the launch of the "Save Water Pledge," a new initiative designed to bolster Phoenix's water conservation efforts by encouraging participants to commit to practic...


Jun 11 2024

Now is the time to prepare your yard for the monsoon season

As the monsoon season is about to officially begin, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to remain safe when those storms and much-needed rain come our way. Preparing your yard to be monsoon ready is also essential to minimize damage. After all, we want to ensure all the hard work you have put into your private oasis is not washed away....


Jun 03 2024

As temperatures climb, three key steps to protect your plants and be waterwise

Outdoor water use in the Phoenix Valley rises significantly as our temperatures climb. Watering correctly, deeply, and less frequently and ensuring your irrigation system is functioning properly, are the keys to maintaining your landscape's health and beauty. While we often think more water is needed, especially with escalating temperatures, that is not always the case. ...


May 29 2024

Cheers to our safe, clean, and reliable tap water

We are fortunate to have continuous access to tap water that ensures public health, fire protection, support for our economy, and the quality of life we enjoy. Any measure of a prosperous society – low mortality rates, economic growth and diversity, productivity, and public safety – is related to access to safe water. ...


May 20 2024

Stay waterwise with your pool as temperatures rise

As temperatures continue to rise and we prepare for the Memorial Day weekend, more people will be looking to stay cool in a pool. Before diving in, ensuring your pool runs as efficiently as possible throughout the summer heat is important. After all, outdoor water use accounts for most of a household’s monthly water budget, and pools are among the most significant outdoor water users....


May 14 2024

Investing in water infrastructure secures our future

Water systems are the most fundamental infrastructure within our communities as they ensure safe and clean water delivery to households, industries, and businesses. Millions of gallons of water move daily through miles of pipes buried under our feet. The water circulates through treatment plants, tanks, pumps, and miles of service lines that deliver water to our water meters and is there whenever ...

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